Conference topics & invited talks

/Conference topics & invited talks
Conference topics & invited talks 2018-08-07T06:24:58+00:00
  • Speckles, theory and fundamentals

  • Low coherence and white light speckle

  • Dynamic speckle

  • Metrological characterization of speckle patterns

  • Fringe pattern analysis and phase retrieval

  • Data retrieval in speckle metrology

  • Digital speckle pattern interferometry

  • Digital holography and holographic interferometry

  • Computational imaging

  • Optical diffraction tomography

  • Speckle pattern photography and digital image correlation

  • 3D/4D imaging and measurement

  • Micro- and nano-metrology

  • Biomedical applications

  • Nondestructive testing, damage detection and material characterization

  • Speckle as a tool in security techniques